WebSockets for PHP

Ratchet is a loosely coupled PHP library providing developers with tools to create real time, bi-directional applications between clients and servers over WebSockets. This is not your Grandfather's Internet.

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Fast & Easy

Write your own chat (aka "Hello World!" for sockets) application in a matter of minutes.

After understanding "the new flow" - event driven programming, compared to traditional HTTP request/response - writing any application on top of Ratchet becomes fast and easy.

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Ratchet provides many components for you to pick and choose from to easily add functionality.

The component architecture allows you to focus on functionality with the ability to reuse and add or remove other component functionality.

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Ratchet is fully PSR-4 compliant, so it naturally plays well with others. Leveraging components from Symfony2, development should feel similar to many.

Ratchet passes all WebSocket tests to ensure it works on all supported browsers.

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